Open Eyes/Open House

Exhibition by Alex 2000 & Pauline Curnier Jardin

Insulindeweg 106D

Opening reception at 12pm

For Heterotropics#1, Alex 2000 kindly opened the doors of his incredible house museum, the place where over the years he produced and assembled sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings and paintings. The whole apartment can be considered as one expanded installation composed of stone assemblages, glitter, fake feathers, tribal symbols, plastic kitchy accessories, food compositions, wooden alter-egos. Among this stunning and sensory collection, the erotic video collage Ami (2009) by Pauline Curnier Jardin was screened on Alex 2000's HD TV.

In this short film, Pauline Curnier Jardin has reunited the photographs of famous museum pieces, ethnographic objects and found objects that she has loved and collected over time. Engaged in a strong associative relationship with the surrounding environment, the video made the visitors' gaze indulge upon the sensual bodies of ancient sculptures, sausages and objects. It made us wonder whether art seeing is always a dirty pleasure. This special exhibition opened Heterotropics#1


Alex 2000 has started making art 40 years ago. He works in his own apartment in the Indische Buurt where he also keeps his growing collection. His production mainly includes sculpture and installation but also photography and drawing.

Pauline Curnier Jardin (1980, FR/NL) is an artist moving across a variety of media — paintings, movies, photographs, songs, performances, collages and installations. Her narratives convey a generous, non-systematic vision of continuity between human and non-human bodies. In a broader sense, her work confronts the logic that divides rationality and emotion, the sacred and profane, ally and enemy, masculine and feminine, showing instead how each of these qualities is capable of interacting and combining.