Heterotropics is an independent research and curatorial platform operating in Amsterdam since 2016. Arising from the intimacy between the linguistic “trope” and the geographical “tropic,” Heterotropics is a fictitious concept relating language, space and collective imagery.

Addressing space as a semiotic field, Heterotropics has a twisted site-specific vocation. We commission artistic interventions in different sites considered as imagined geographical constructs, questioning the after-lives of colonial desire and exotic projection. In this sense the project challenges objectual and authentic notions of locality. Artists and theorists are invited to develop projects that tackle the fiction of the real and the reality of fiction; researching the artifices of language and representation.

Heterotropics' different chapters are foreign bodies which appear and disappear in the folds of museums, archives, and urban contexts. As a long term project encomassing performance, research, spatial interventions and a web-platform, Heterotropics wishes to propose a different curatorial temporality, a methodology which is curious of the uneventful, which interrogates the colonial legacy of exhibiting and collecting, challenging the paradigms of consumption pertaining to cultural institutions.

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