07.10.18. bare certainty (act ii - synchronising the future)

She gave me advice across a shallow river valley:

For concrete to reach its full strength, it needs water to hydrate the cement. If it dries out, then the resulting concrete is soft, almost chalky. This is most common on the surface of a slab. If it dries out even momentarily, it will be weakened.

Most concrete has plenty of water when it is placed, so the key is either to prevent the water from evaporating or add enough water to make up for the evaporation. To keep it wet, many concrete contractors use burlap to soak up the water. How long to keep it wet depends on temperature and the mix—you want it to have reached sufficient strength on the surface.

I always tell people that concrete is sort of like a baby: when it is very young, if you keep it warm and wet (rather than dry) it will grow up to be a strong and responsible adult. Neglect it, and you’ll have to live with a problem child for many years.

But he was difficult

to plan a date with. drainpipe of tin extends from the gutter. crumpled pickle crisp packet

soft tin

rolled shoved in drainage pipe near the new fire station,

do you want any pickle ribble chips?

soaring through the sky

This is the one that kills me, that one killed her

Extraction central, overheaped floral

Saffron or rose, wood dust carriage

"(Eternally is very, eternally..) Eternity, is very okay.."

"Dear bottomless pit,

I need you hear to undo me. I wake up for a deep search of, intent, and belief, in myself. But, the day is intense. Driven with some, euphoriaaaa... hhhh.. i'm thinking now, I've never bee, bored, until this moment. Aaaaaaaannnndd, this moment is gone.. forever."

I want to write a book about concrete, something hardening. Do you know the heat of it setting? It steams , no, boils.

will not allow any of her family members take a helicopter. If the chopper fails, we are left with no way to fly. Her son took a seaplane instead, shaving a consistent time off the commute on that single highway, but moreover, a mother’s way of offering pleasure to her son

"There's a string shooting out from the back of my mind.

It's behind me... living.

I can't see it. I've just hearrrrrd about it.

No knows of how long it is, or how far it goes, including me!"

A pickle chip?

he said to me; every time i stand here in last days i

get a message asking me if i want a sex date, that

anything possible

i took his cellphone and entered the code i


i agreed to join the public wifi network, the green button.

he wrote to

we should go for a date. it appeared

snacking, taking pause

sparkling wine, being new in town,

and trying to learn

what’s what/ oh, i keep forgetting that i’m writing to a couple,

table dance

a few people who share a profile

"It tows a star shielding my back.

As we... hhhh, accelerate indefinitely!


We run so fast, the star might actually

be pulling me forward! Guiding me

from the front!

i pretend like I, hehahahah.. I don't know the difference but I do!"

"Over and over, (

"I've got a strong sense of sense.

And in this case.. not liking it says more about you then not liking it, I say this!

Before you kill me make sure it's dead."

"I look at it all for a second.

I'm finally, slower now.

I go to sleep with worry..

..and fantasy. Watching, by the way, I don't whisper."

So I’m thinking about an ‘angel’ with only one wing. One rotor, one flight, no seaplane, helicopter angel

Boyd Rice: Identity resides within group-thought, group-belief, group-fashion.

It is to be found in fads, sects, and subcultures.

Its uniforms, accoutrements, and accessories can be purchased over the counter because they are mass produced.

Uniqueness plays no role in identity nor could it.

Uniqueness, by its very nature, is its utter antithesis.

So where exactly is the place where identity and individuality intersect and overlap? Don’t bother to look for it, because it doesn’t exist, except as an abstraction in the minds of those who desire both and possess neither.

Soft ardency