24.09.18. Acting Notes

bed wetter

earth barometer

metric flow

I am sleeping on the floor of my friend's study, slightly under the piano. Most things are ikea flat pack or glossy mahogany wood. Studio monitors inform the sound, a stratocaster on the wall

The light is white halogen

How do you refer to a friend's partner when they are both friends?

I mean to say that one of them is pregnant, and she is sleeping on the bed that I would otherwise stay on

4 racks of drying laundry here, clothes draped over and over each other, towels semi folded. I've hung my wet towel on a folded ironing board. I take a thought from somewhere else and put it here. The torsion within our group and its orientation toward the child and what that reproduces. Five acts, all reproductive..

sleeping on the floor;

I felt the strong suggestion that I should be open to coincidences, but am wondering how to then be closed to coincidences, how to welcome closed readings and accept that there may not be connections.