25.11.18. Act IV - All Signal No Message

views of space in process =====

"All Signal No Message" unfolds the research that Milena Bonilla and Luisa Ungar have mobilized for act IV of "On Acausal Connecting Principles." During their time in Antwerp, the artists have approached the Krakatoa eruption vis à vis the “Colonial and Export Exhibition” which took place in Amsterdam exactly at the same time. What substrata connect the unconscious logic of the volcano to the oppressive taxonomy of colonial reason?

Continuing their research and performance project "Pavillion," the artists employ a variety of materials, archival items and linguistic artifices. This presentation weaves actions and conversations following the idea of volcanic life as a dormant interactivity between lifeforms. Addressing movement as grammar, communication as raw material and information as currency, they intend to establish a game between what we are supposed to know and the vulnerability triggered by uncertainty and unpredictability.’